Aging brings on its own adverse effects in the form of many illnesses, including osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis comprises a collection of joint degenerative issues that promote inflammation of joints to a point where the only solution is to restore the lining tissue of the cartilage, bone and cushioning tissues. Symptoms include swelling, tenderness, stiff locking joints, effusions, and pain.

As the tissue breaks down between joints, this telegraphing complication wears down the cartilage and musculature between joints, prompting swelling and pain. The bone structure loses certain levels of protection and begins to wear down itself. The result is a critical decrease in comfortable movement, escalating pain and weakness in the joints affected. Joint pain relief is the only solution to stemming the tide.

Stem Cell Therapy and Osteoarthritis Treatment

Through revolutionary research in osteoarthritis treatment, stem cells have been found to be successful in slowing, ceasing and even reversing the complications of the condition. Joint pain relief is available through a series of stem cell therapy initiatives that hyper-target the causation and spread of the disease.

Osteoarthritis affects millions of patients worldwide, and the solution to joint pain relief is readily available. Studies have shown that though not all patients qualify for the stem cell treatments, the majority of those that do see a marked increase in quality of life and a reduction in pain and swelling, leading to a full recovery of joint movement and functionality.

Stem Cell Therapy

By utilizing young umbilical cord blood stem cells, stem cell therapy is able to re-write the blank genetic code of the affected area and begin the process of osteoarthritis treatment. Stem cell therapy has proven effective in animal testing with a wide variety of arthritis types to rebuild the structure and promote a reduction in inflammation, essentially reversing the course of the disease.

The use of young umbilical cord blood stem cells (mesenchymal cells) are used for the recovery of tissue in the affected areas that osteoarthritis has ravaged. These cells are introduced to the region deemed for repair and immediately imprint the host genetics and structural needs. By doing so, they begin to rebuild the tissue and cartilage loss, resulting in a reduction of pain and inflammation and creating an environment where more cells can populate and repair the damage.

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