Welcome back to our blog! In part one of this blog series, we talked about the basics of stem cells and their growing prominence in the field of regenerative medicine. Here at Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Julian Gershon has been a pioneer in the realm of umbilical cord stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy is a safe and effective technique for stimulating tissue regenerating. By using the body’s own mechanisms to help repair itself, stem cell therapy is a safe, natural, and effective way to treat damaged tissues.

In our last blog post, we mentioned a few of the benefits of stem cell therapy, such as its natural properties, painless treatment, long-lasting relief, and quick treatment. But those aren’t the only reasons why stem cell therapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment solution — here are a few more!

The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy


The medical world is always bursting at the seams with new discoveries, and at any given moment, there are countless scientists all over the world engineering new ways to revolutionize medicine and healing. When a groundbreaking discovery comes out of the woodwork, it’s important to propagate it and put it into practice (after testing extensively for safety, of course), because by doing so, it can open the floodgates to far more discoveries.

While the stem cell therapy that we practice at Aspen Institute is proven and dependable, there’s still a lot to learn about stem cells and how they can facilitate amazing effects such as regenerative healing. The more clinics that put stem cell therapy into practice, the more ubiquitous it will become, and when that happens, it typically leads to a massive increase in funding and research. By accepting stem cell therapy, you’re helping us, one step at a time, to move into a brighter future of medicine and healing.


Surgery does quite a number on your body. Even minor surgeries are nothing to scoff at. For obvious reasons, it’s pretty stressful to the body being opened up, poked around, rearranged, and sealed back up. In rare occasions, one’s body can have reactions to the surgery itself, such as being allergic to the anesthesia. But even if the surgery goes completely fine (as it usually does), the body has a lot of recovery to do.

Surgeries are invasive in nature, which means that it often takes days or weeks to fully recover from one. This can impair you in a number of ways. Aside from general discomfort, it could affect your mobility, or the scope of what you’re able to do with your hands.

A major benefit of stem cell therapy is that it’s non-invasive. We won’t be opening you up to get those stem cells inside — it’s as easy as a simple injection, and once the operation is over, that’s it. No long-lasting pain to deal with, degraded mobility, or return trips to the doctor’s office.

Treat a Variety of Different Ailments

Here at Aspen Institute, we focus on umbilical cord stem cell therapy, and our bread and butter is using this treatment to help people heal from pain and tissue damage. But did you know that stem cell therapy is being used to treat a variety of other conditions too?

There are several different varieties of stem cell treatments. For example, stem cells from adult bone marrow have shown to be effective in treating cardiovascular conditions, because they help to repair blood vessels that have been weakened by scar tissue. By doing so, they reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks.

There’s also a tremendous amount of research being done about the effects of stem cells on neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s. Stem cell therapy can potentially help the brain to develop more brain neurons and synapses. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we found healing solutions for those awful diseases that deteriorate the brain? If we continue to push forward in the realm of stem cell research, that day may come.

Find Out If You’re a Candidate For Stem Cell Therapy

Do you want a treatment for your pain that’s less oppressive than degenerative pathway treatments such as surgery and cortisone injections? We encourage you to contact us today and schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gershon. If you’re located in or near the Aspen or Denver area, we look forward to arranging your appointment.