Get Healing and Moving to Treat Aches as You Age

As you get older, more and more problems are likely to present themselves if you’re not aggressive about treating aches and pains as they arise. Many diseases and disabilities are the result of this. Even though your bum knee might just be keeping you from tennis for now, it could run you into diabetes or worse as you age, because a loss of mobility is often a slow process where we don’t see the sacrifices we’re making until it’s too late.

What You Receive With Aspen Institute Age Management:

  • An initial consultation and a plan modified to fit your body and personal needs
  • Expert phlebotomists to provide blood panels throughout your time with us
  • Age management programs that address your needs through a balance of regenerative medicine and lifestyle changes as needed
  • A plan that seeks to build on your current health as well as to prevent maladies in the future

General Aches and Pains Treatment With Age Management

If you’re getting older and seemingly dealing with more and more issues of chronic pain, then the Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine in Denver and Aspen wants to help you get back to feeling good and moving regularly again. Through our regenerative medicine therapies and a variety of other types of treatment, we can help both men and women get back to a place where they’re feeling strong again.

How Can An Age Management Program Help?

At the Aspen Institute, our age management programs will seek to first diagnose the reason for your pain, ache, or stiffness, if the reason isn’t already clear to you. For some this could be an old injury, while others may be experiencing these symptoms because of their work history or lifestyle. The good news is that if one of those is the reason for your pain and stiffness, then there’s much we can do to help.

In addressing your aches and pains, we’ll first find the areas you want to target, what their symptoms or ailments are, and if they should be treated with one of our therapies such as PRP injections or exosome therapy. Then, we’ll work to find the best exercise and nutrition regimen for you. Some of the difficulties you’re experiencing could just be because of natural muscle loss and a more sedentary lifestyle than your earlier years. Finding ways to adjust your diet and lifestyle to fight these things is one of the most important things you can do to keep a full range of motion that’s free of pain.

Trust the Aspen Institute for Age Management in Denver and Aspen

If you’ve been feeling depleted and it’s getting to the point where it hurts to move because of your aching joints, back, or limbs, then it’s time to look into it. If you’re having trouble with an old injury or simply need help getting back into shape during your late adulthood, then contact the Aspen Institute in Denver and Aspen today.