Age Management for Weaker Erections

Keep Your Strength in the Bedroom With Age Management Therapies


Be Ready for the Moment With Regenerative Medicine

As we get older, it’s natural for both men and women to experience lowering levels of libido and more specifically, sexual hormone changes that cause less of a sex drive then you had previously. For men, this could show itself in part with weaker erections or less in general. While your body may start to produce less of the chemicals inhibiting this on its own, there are always things you can do to boost these functions to make sure you maintain a healthy amount of sexual function.

How an Age Management Program Can Help Increase Sexual Function

  • When you come in to get started with your age management program, we’ll go over your lifestyle, medical conditions, and other factors that could be inhibiting sexual function
  • We’ll modify your diet to include more foods that will have a positive effect on your energy levels, rather than causing inflammation or sedation
  • Regular exercise should always be in the plan to maximize sexual function. The increased blood flow carries to all parts of your body and engages processes that maintain your energy levels.
  • Certain therapies, such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and peptide therapy will have a direct impact on your hormone levels and help increase libido.

Treat Weaker Erections With The Aspen Institute

Some things are bound to decline as you get older, but your sex life doesn’t have to disappear with age, and there are almost always things you can do to help improve your sexual functioning so you have more energy and harder erections. Some of the main keys to maintaining that sexual function are as simple as changes in your lifestyle, but there are a number of therapies that can have a positive effect on your sexual function by engaging natural functions.

Embrace Regenerative Medicine and Anti-Aging Techniques With The Aspen Institute

At the Aspen Institute, we provide regenerative medicine solutions that provide lasting results. With our therapies and guidance, you can have a better sex life because of improved energy and function. Contact us today to get started today!