Intravenous Therapy infuses fluids straight into a vein. This is the quickest way to replenish the body. IV hydration is effective because 100% of the administered dose of nutrients is absorbed instantly into the bloodstream. Absorption can be slow and inadequate when vitamins are taken orally. This is caused by the competition from food, stomach acids, or other medication. Also, discomfort and bloating may occur when replacing large volumes of fluids by mouth.


Non-IV Therapy is available for those who are looking for an alternative to needles. Our mission is to restore health and wellness conveniently and in a comfortable setting by using oral vitamins and minerals. The Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging’s goal is to make you feel like yourself again.


Infusion therapy is the quickest way to replenish vitamins and fluids. The full dose of vitamins and fluids received is absorbed immediately which produces rapid results. The absorption can be a lot lower with oral intake which leads to reduced benefits. There are three hydrating therapies that we offer to boost and sustain energy. We offer Myer’s cocktails (a nutrient rich vitamin and mineral mixture) as well as a powerful Antioxidant therapy and Vitamin C therapy for numerous conditions. During your consultation, Dr. Gershon will find the right combination for you. Our goal is to make you feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to everyday activities.

Infusion therapy is performed by a licensed medical professional. First, an evaluation is completed. Then, the IV fluids are administered, containing the necessary minerals and vitamins to assist with rehydrating and detoxing the body. Additional medications are available to help with nausea, reduce acid reflux, or work as an anti-inflammatory. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is also available.

Clients at the Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging are made comfortable in a chair or recliner when receiving Infusion Therapy. Clients have the option of treatment in a group or private setting. The treatment process is 30 minutes or less depending on the amount of fluids that are needed, and most clients see improved results right away. The placement of the IV involves minimal pain or discomfort. Clients can continue activities immediately. Therapy is not provided to clients who are intoxicated.