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PRP therapy now combines treatment with the PRP Pen in many practices around the world. First, the PRP treatment is administered, which includes applying a high concentration of the patient’s platelet rich plasma, using a centrifuge device to spin it down. Then, the PRP Pen drives the PRP into the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) by using the fractionated pattern of the microneedles.

The PRP Pen device is a great addition because it allows our medical practitioner to adjust the depth and the speed to treat all the different areas of the patient’s face and body. The PRP treatment is very effective and widely accepted. It stimulates healing and rejuvenation by taking advantage of the body’s own growth factors.

Together, the PRP Pen treatment and PRP therapy ensures that the application is effective.

The PRP Pen helps to penetrate the surface of the skin easily and jumpstarts the rejuvenation process. This treatment is used for many reasons such as treating fine lines and wrinkles, managing acne scars or scars from other injuries, improving skin texture and color, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and stimulating new collagen growth. The treatment is helpful for patients with all skin types and there is no clinical downtime for recovery.

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