Age Management for Energy Decline as You Age

Get Your Energy Back With The Aspen Institute


Get Back In the Game With Age Management

With the Aspen Institute in Denver and Aspen, our regenerative medicine therapies and age management program can help you get back to feeling like a younger you in no time. With a variety of regenerative medicine techniques and all the knowledge needed to help you live a healthier lifestyle, we can help you increase your energy levels with more natural means than some traditional approaches to medicine.

What You’ll Receive During an Age Management Program With Us

  • Initial consultations to go over your specific needs and what may be the cause of your low energy levels
  • Expert phlebotomy work completed to deliver a blood panel that could reveal any specific causes of your low energy, and to track those numbers as we go
  • A plan that addresses your energy levels through a balance of lifestyle and diet modifications as well as medicinal therapies
  • Access to unlimited physician consultations, as well as a number of exercise and nutrition consultations
  • Additional measures such as nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals that may be needed depending on the reasons for your low energy levels

You probably know that as we get older, our general energy levels are bound to decline. However, you may also know that there’s a lot more that goes into it then age alone. A good diet, plenty of exercise, other healthy practices, and regenerative medicine can all go a long way towards ensuring your energy levels stay where they need to be. Living a full life with the time you’ve got left is one of the most important things our age management programs can deliver. At the Aspen Institute in Denver and Aspen, our programs deliver cosmetic anti-aging results along with real medical benefits for a range of conditions.

How Our Age Management Programs Help Energy Decline

Your energy levels are dependent on a number of factors, and age is just one of them. The impact of your lifestyle on your energy levels is great. It can be a vicious cycle. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, then you don’t need much energy, so you might not consume enough to keep up with your nutritional needs. Your body is still using energy to keep you alive even if you’re not doing anything active, but you likely won’t notice until your nutrition and energy levels are depleted. This could cause you to binge eat, and if you’re not careful, you can binge a lot of food without much nutrition. The result is continually low energy levels that don’t push you to be active.

When we’re younger, many of us are able to consume calories at will, not really worry about nutrition, and still have the energy level we need to get through the day. While this isn’t to say that nutrition and exercise aren’t important to the health and energy levels of younger people, it becomes more important as you get older to monitor what you eat and ensure a baseline amount of exercise. With the Aspen Institute in Denver and Aspen, our age management program will include any needed adjustments to your nutritional intake and exercise regimen in order to get the results you want. We’ll work with you to set realistic goals for improvement, targeting for the results you want with a diet and activity plan that you can handle.

In addition to the lifestyle management aspect of addressing energy decline, our age management programs may include a range of treatments, such as HRT, exosome therapy, nutraceuticals, or pharmaceuticals that can help improve your energy in a number of ways. Some may increase your energy levels by supplementing needed nutrients, substances, and chemical messengers in the body while others can improve energy levels by first addressing areas that need to be healed.

Work On Your Energy Levels With The Aspen Institute Today

At the Aspen Institute, our age management programs are made for you and your wants and needs. Not only do our programs provide the anti-aging benefits of our individual therapies, but they also work to increase your overall physical health. If you want to address your energy levels and other health issues related to aging, please contact us today!