Umbilical Cord Blood and Advanced Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cells offer a new avenue of treatment that can provide real help for patients with Orthopedic issues. Blood obtained from the umbilical cord or placenta contains stem cells that can develop into many different blood cells. The regenerative properties of these blood cells can provide added healing power for a wide variety for orthopedic uses and implications.

The Benefits of Cord Blood Treatments in Denver & Aspen

Working with a qualified, board-certified physician with our proven experience in applying the healing powers of stem cells can promote the best outcomes for patients and the most effective solutions for a wide range of issues. Our team can provide you with umbilical cord stem cell therapies in Denver and Aspen tailored to your specific needs and your desired results. Whether you need help with recovering after an injury or surgery, knee issues, tennis elbow, or just need to relieve some pain from a past injury, we can provide the right umbilical cord stem cell therapy plans in Denver and Aspen for your situation.

Why Umbilical Cord Blood?

Most of the stem cells in cord blood are blood-forming stem cells, also known as “hematopoietic” stem cells or HSC. The presence of HSC is what enables cord blood transplants to be used as a substitute for bone marrow transplants, which can be somewhat painful to extract. The major advantages of umbilical cord blood stem cell therapy at out Denver and Aspen clinics are that it does not have to be exactly matched to the patient like the other transplants from the adult donor and they also have the ability to replicate faster than other types of stem cells. Since umbilical cord blood is cryogenically preserved and stored, it is more readily available than other types of bone marrow or peripheral blood from an unrelated donor, allowing transplants to take place within a shorter period of time, if not the same day.

Potential Uses for Umbilical Cord and Placental Blood

At our medical practice, we can provide you with options that put the power of these advanced umbilical cord stem cell therapies in Denver and Aspen to work on your behalf. The stem cells contained in the umbilical cord can be used to provide therapies for orthopedic needs. This can promote better health and improved quality of life for patients of our facility. We specialize in providing the most advanced and effective cord blood treatments in Denver and Aspen. Rejuvenating and restoring your health, mobility, and appearance now and in the future is the goal of Aspen Institute.


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