Managing Weight as You Age

Managing Weight For Health and Longevity


Managing Weight As You Age

As we get older, all of our bodies’ processes start to slow a bit, so it can be even harder to lose weight than it is for a younger person. However, it’s certainly not impossible. Even in older age, the right modifications to your lifestyle and diet along with certain therapies can help ensure that you lose weight and, more importantly, get to a weight that your body can support into old age.

How an Age Management Program Can Help With Menopausal Symptoms

  • Our initial visit will help address your weight gain issues. We’ll go over your lifestyle and diet and see what can be improved on.
  • Pending any necessary blood work or further examination into your weight gain, we’ll start to build a plan that addresses muscle mass and nutrition.
  • We may administer therapies such as exosome, stem cell, or peptide therapy to help treat injuries or inflammation that may be taking away from overall mobility or energy levels.
  • By building muscle mass your body will have more to spend its energy on and help prevent you from further injury or being easily fatigued
  • Other therapies, particularly hormone replacement therapy (HRT), can help increase energy levels, metabolism, and your ability to build muscle

Why Weight Management Is More Important As You Age

While we often joke that once we settle down and get married or move into our forever-home, that we can finally let ourselves go, the truth is that it may be just as important or more to keep our weight in check as we get older. While we get the desire to relax, we’d always recommend finding activities that engage your body that you also find relaxing. So many diseases are more likely when you’re overweight. It’s not just the strain on your heart and cardiovascular system, but on your bones and joints. As you age, your bones and joints simply can’t hold as much weight without seeing serious mobility issues start to arise.

Start With the Aspen Institute For Age and Weight Management

If you’re struggling with your weight and approaching late-middle age, this is a critical time that could help set you up for a long and comfortable late-adulthood or put you at risk for a multitude of weight-related issues, from mobility to heart conditions and diabetes. Contact the Aspen Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Anti-Aging in Denver or Aspen today and let us get us started on a plan to help you get fit and help you maintain it until late in life.