What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that attacks both the body’s central nervous system and the covering that protects it. The protective covering called myelin sheathing protects the nerve cell transmit signals that are being delivered through different pathways to help the body complete simple and complex tasks such as breathing, talking, and walking.

When the myelin sheathing is compromised, the nerve fibers beneath it are affected. Nerve cells then begin to lose the ability to do their job and complete tasks that are necessary for the body to function in everyday life. These attacks cause symptoms that are unpredictable and can change in many ways over time. This is often considered the most frightening part of being affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

Getting diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis is a terrifying event for many people, mostly because of how unknown the condition is. This progressive autoimmune disease attacks the central nervous system of the body, causing unpredictable symptoms that can grow worse or change as time passes.

Stem Cells in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Luckily for the patients who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the adult stem cells, otherwise known as mesenchymal stem cells, that are found in your body fat can help manage and treat the unpredictable symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. The stem cells do this by repairing damaged nerve tissue, easing inflammation, and preventing nerve cell death from continuing to occur.  The effects work as an effective long-term treatment for patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

Aspen Regenerative Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

This technique has been independently studied and proven to assist those who have Multiple Sclerosis and the unpredictable symptoms that go along with it.

Aspen Regenerative cell therapy is noninvasive and designed to result in a short recovery time. With that said, each patient may experience a different recovery period depending on their particular circumstances. The stem and regenerative cells found from adipose tissue delivered to the brain during the procedure will both ease the symptoms caused by Multiple Sclerosis and repair the damaged nerve cells and protective myelin sheathing. Patients who have been through this treatment have since experienced many improvements such as an improvement in their memory, energy, sexual function, balance, coordination, movement. Patients also experienced a reduction in their need for medication after the procedure.

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