Introducing: The Ultimate Aspen Experience

Dr. Gershon and his team are thrilled to announce the launch of the Ultimate Aspen Experience, a program that utilizes the most advanced anti-aging and regenerative medicine procedures to completely transform the health of a patient from the cellular level.

The Ultimate Aspen Experience is a 5-day, full-body “anti-aging makeover” tailored to you and designed to promote optimal health and longevity from the inside out.

We start with an in-depth evaluation of your health, then create a custom pathway to your best health using state-of-the-art methods rooted in functional medicine and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. After spending a week with us, our goal is that you experience enhanced energy, reduced symptoms of injuries or medical conditions, in-depth knowledge about your health, and a clear path towards improved longevity for years to come.

Your treatment will consist of a sequence of advanced therapies spanning the course of 5 days personalized to your specific needs. Prior to treatment, you will complete a private consultation with Dr. Gershon and comprehensive blood panels to help indicate a personalized treatment plan. Specialty lab tests completed during your program will be reviewed during follow-up appointments with Dr. Gershon in-office or via telemedicine. You will have access to a Personal Ultimate Experience Concierge who will guide you through the week, helping to coordinate lodging, transportation, and meals.

Throughout your week with us, you can experience the most advanced and exclusive treatments available, including:

• Comprehensive fasting lab panel & specialty lab panels
• Glycan & BioAge Testing, Galleri® cancer screening
• Physical exam, review of systems & medical history
• Body Composition, Resting Metabolic Rate & VO2 Max testing
• Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation Therapy
• IV Nutrient Therapy (NAD, Myer’s cocktail, Glutathione infusion)
• Age management/Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (pellets or injections, if applicable)
• Facial PRP or regenerative facial treatment
• Regenerative hair restoration
• Personal Cell Therapy & Cell Banking through American Cell Technology

We are proud to be one of the only clinics in the world to provide this caliber of services. Learn more about this exclusive program here, schedule a time to speak with our team, or call us at 970-201-1332.

Pricing begins at $30,000. Prices may vary depending on the selection of procedures. For more information, scheduling, or recommended lodging, please contact us at (970) 201-1332. Serious inquiries only.