Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine

Unlike drugs, cortisone shots, surgery, and other options, regenerative medicine is a non-intrusive and natural way to repair and regrow your damaged joint tissues. It is safe, effective, and painless. The Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine has found many joint pain patients benefit from regenerative medicine.

We offer the latest advances in natural regenerative treatments. These innovative techniques and our advanced equipment allow for quick and effective procedures.

Our therapy is used at the affected sites to improve movement, flexibility and reduce pain. Regenerative medicine treats arthritis, age-related conditions, injuries, and so much more.

Regenerative medicine stimulates your body to repair and rebuild cells, helping create muscle, bone, and cartilage. It reduces or eliminates joint pain and fights inflammation and disease.

Regenerative medicine

Our therapies promote new tissue growth that cushions bone and improves movement and function for damaged joints suffering from significant cartilage reduction. This healing reduces pain, inflammation, and other symptoms and allows you to be more active.

Our treatments are 90% effective, and most patients report more than 80% relief by six months. Some patients have 100% pain reduction. Our therapy lets you stay active after an injury and continue to do the things you want to do into your golden years.


You are unique. We will complete a thorough exam, review your health history and listen to you. The Aspen Institute is committed to creating a treatment tailored to your pain, needs, and expectations.

Our therapies have different paths designed around your age, habits, history, health, nutrition, and more. Aspen Regenerative Medicine professionals follow all of the latest therapy protocols, and we study the most recent advances in medicine from clinical trials.

Aspen Institute Regenerative medicine

The Aspen Institute believes in proactive and preventative healthcare. Our evidence-based treatments work synergistically to achieve optimal results. We offer regenerative medicine, hormone replacement, vitamin, skincare, peptide, and PRP injection therapies to help patients gain control over their health and enjoy a better quality of life.

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