Age Management

The Aspen Institute shifts the emphasis from disease-driven medicine to a focus on promoting optimal health as people age. Our therapies center on evidence-based protocols that synergistically provide proactive and preventative healthcare. This approach to anti-aging treatment allows us to help our patients reach their goals 95% of the time. Age Management has been so successful with this approach that it has gained significant recognition in the national and international medical community.

We offer the latest advances in natural regenerative treatments. These innovative techniques and our advanced equipment allow for quick and effective procedures.

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Part of the success of our anti-aging therapy in Aspen and Denver is our focus on the endocrine system, which is responsible for secreting hormones needed for cellular communication, organ function, and rejuvenation. Medical research indicates that a balanced endocrine system promotes healthy aging by maintaining optimal blood hormone levels.

Around age 30, we begin to lose up to 3% of our hormones yearly. From age 40 onward, we start feeling the negative impact on our bodies, including lack of energy and apathy. This hormone reduction affects our work, sex life, and socializing. We blame these feelings on “getting older” and accept them.

As symptoms of low hormones set in, many men and women feel life isn’t what it should be anymore. These symptoms are why many people seek an age management solution.

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We rely on the science of anti-aging therapy at our clinics in Aspen and Denver. This approach helps us identify patients that might also be at risk for diseases like cancer, stroke, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and many others.

We perform an Executive Health Evaluation that includes a physician consultation,complete history intake, physical exam, full blood work, diagnostic testing review, customized disease risk management, and hormonal optimization plan when clinically indicated.

Our Nutrition and Exercise Specialist Consultation includes reviewing laboratory results and diagnostic testing. We then develop a custom exercise and nutrition program. We specialize in both local visits and facilitate out-of-town patients.

Our medical team wants to answer all of your questions. Let us show you how our treatments work and explain the benefits.

The Aspen Institute believes in proactive and preventative healthcare. Our evidence-based treatments work synergistically to achieve optimal results. We offer regenerative medicine, hormone replacement, vitamin, skincare, peptide, and PRP injection therapies to help patients gain control over their health and enjoy a better quality of life.

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