Benefits of Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Adult stem cell therapy is an innovative procedure for patients that have been living with different types of chronic conditions. The procedure uses adult stem cells by isolating regenerative cells from your own body fat.

The most abundant source of mesenchymal stem cells in your body can be found in your fat tissue.  These cells have the ability to repair damaged tissue while stimulating new blood vessel growth for improved blood flow as well as decrease inflammation. This procedure works to not only focus on your symptoms, but addresses the underlying cause of the chronic condition or injury for long-lasting relief.  By utilizing your own regenerative cells, we are able to apply your own natural biology and healing potential.

The Mechanisms of Cell Therapy

Because mesenchymal stem cells have the ability to identify changes in the body that are causing pain or dysfunction, they communicate and respond to the body’s needs to provide the appropriate instruments needed for the healing process. Their primary functions are:

  • Increase in tissue repair
  • Regeneration of tissue
  • Blocking of continuous premature cell death
  • Increase of new growth within blood vessels
  • Reduction in inflammation

The Potential for Adult Stem Cell Therapy

The Aspen Institute uses treatment protocols that are developed from strong science and thorough clinical research. This was done in order to bring the newest research, highest quality of safety, and the most benefit to the patients possible. There are a number of conditions that adult stem cell therapy can be utilized.

Why Choose The Aspen Institute?

We have based our company on legitimate scientific research and clinical experience. Our studies have found that cell therapy is safe and effective. It is beneficial in the long run for patients who receive the procedure. We will only take patients that we truly believe will benefit from the treatment. We bring the highest amount of dedication and service to our medicinal practices with guidance from some of the world’s best cell therapy researchers. This care to attention and detail is what sets us apart from other centers in the country.

There has been a large amount effort, as well as resources, to make stem cell therapy more accessible for patients everywhere. This has been done with the highest regard to safety, care, and delivery. You can receive more information or get a consultation by calling us at  970.201.1332.