Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

As we age, we start to see changes in our body, far from just affecting us in adolescence, this is something that’s constant. However, as much as father time always wins, various treatments and success stories have shown that while you may not be able to beat father time, you can certainly help hold him off from some of the things you hold most dear in your life. From staying active outside to staying active in the bedroom, the Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine can help you do it.

With the Aspen Institute in Denver and Aspen, we provide a wide variety of regenerative medicine techniques. With techniques like exosome therapy to vitamin therapy, we can help you target specific ailments or give your entire body a boost. If you’re looking for the latter and are a man approaching late-middle age, or possibly sooner in some scenarios, then you may want to consider Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for men.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a type of therapy that exists for both men and women. In men, this therapy brings higher testosterone levels, closer to what they would have experienced earlier in life before hormone decline starts to set in at about age 30. It can also be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from conditions that cause lower than average testosterone to be produced. There are a few different ways that doctors go about administering hormone replacement therapy, including, muscular injections, or testosterone patches or gel. When you work with the Aspen Institute, Dr. Gershon and his team will help find the method that’s best for you.

How Can I Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy?

There are a wide range of potential benefits to Hormone Replacement Therapy. With HRT, you can regain vitality in many aspects of your life. You should have more energy for practically every aspect of your life and experience less fatigue. Here are just a few ways that that tends to work out for HRT patients:

Higher Sex Drive and Libido — One of the main benefits of hormone replacement therapy and boosted testosterone is a better sex drive and higher libido. While it’s not considered a cure for erectile dysfunction, it will help you be in the mood more often and feel more outgoing towards your sexual interests.

Increased Bone Density — With the increased energy and activities you may be doing after hormone replacement therapy, you may see a rise in bone density as well. This is something that’s very useful as you age, as falls are one of the leading causes of death as you get older and bones take much longer to regenerate. Physical activity and weight-bearing exercises can help increase bone density.

Encouraging Muscle Growth — With higher testosterone levels from HRT, you’ll be able to build muscle faster and get back into physical shape you can be proud of. Not only that, but having stronger muscles can have serious benefits for your orthopedic health in the future, as muscles will help carry your weight and leave less strain on your bones and joints.

Higher Energy Levels and Reduced Fatigue — With higher testosterone, you’ll not only have more energy for physical activities, but all the way around. You can be energetic throughout the day again and cut out the need for naps or midday lulls.

These benefits really only represent the basics of the benefits of HRT. Because of the boost in energy and physical activity you’re likely to see a wide variety of benefits that are both tangible and intrinsic. With increased physical activity, you can improve your all around physical health and help treat or heal injuries and ailments. HRT can give you the energy you need to seriously address your physical health before old age sets in, and because of all these benefits and a healthier functioning body, you’re likely to see some benefits to your mental health as well.

Get HRT Therapy For Men in Denver and Aspen Today

If you’ve been struggling with physical activities, building muscle mass, or finding your motivation in the bedroom, then HRT may be for you. With the Aspen Institute in Denver and Aspen, you can receive HRT therapy, expert care, and more with Dr. Julian Gershon and his team. Reach out to us today in Denver or Aspen to see what we can do for you!