What is Concierge Primary Care?

Imagine a doctor’s appointment with no wait time, after scheduling hassle-free, and knowing you have full access to your provider 24/7. Allow us to introduce you to Concierge Primary Care.

Unlike conventional primary care, Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine offers Concierge Primary Care: a model that puts the patient first, offering top-quality care and personalized attention.

Rather than conventional models that focus on a high volume of patients and short appointment times, we take the time to get to know our patients and develop long-term relationships with them. Longer appointment times with intentional conversations allow our providers to understand our patients beyond their symptoms. It also provides a chance to recognize any other environmental or situational factors that may be impacting their health. Our initial appointments with a new patient may take longer than conventional care appointments

With Concierge Primary Care, you’re more than a number.

Our Concierge Primary Care program is rooted in functional and integrative approaches to care. This means we provide a customized primary care experience to patients by assessing their health on an individual basis, examining the root cause of disease, and emphasizing each patient’s unique set of circumstances. Our goal is to find the underlying health issues the body is struggling with, rather than just managing symptoms through prescription medication. We examine the whole body, through:

  • Full health history
  • Biometrics
  • A functional exam
  • A physical exam
  • Extensive lab testing with personalized interpretations

Assessing the whole body allows our providers to make accurate diagnoses and set up effective treatment plans to address a condition’s root cause(s) within the context of your overall health. We specialize in proactive and preventative care through evidence-based treatments to help you reach optimal health.

Concierge Primary Care also takes a different approach to its payment structure, compared to conventional models. This type of care operates as a subscription-based payment structure where patients pay monthly, allowing them unlimited access to their physician.

With Concierge Primary Care you’ll receive the following services:

  • Annual re-assessment
  • Semi-annual or quarterly “check-in” visits
  • Unlimited sick visits
  • 24/7 access to a provider for urgent medical needs

Get Personalized Primary Care

If you are ready to work with a provider who finally puts you at the center of your care, Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine is accepting new patients. Set up an appointment today.